Meet Anna


Get To Know Anna

She has traveled to and lived in many places including New England, New Orleans, Australia, Florida, Ecuador, and Costa Rica, developing her offerings as a Community Herbalist, Ayurvedic Health Educator, Birth Doula, and Permaculture enthusiast. She travels to intentional, conscious gatherings throughout the country and internationally to teach workshops focusing on herbal empowerment and permaculture. She also makes herbal products, does consultations, grows organic herbs, and creates personalized herbal protocols for individuals. She is passionate about empowerment, health care accessibility, integrative care, earth based wisdom, and regenerative living. When she’s not playing with plants and babies, Anna lives the life she loves and loves the life she lives, traveling and exploring, drinking tea, dancing and hooping, hiking with her cattle dog, practicing yoga, catching rainbows and following the moon!



Plant Offerings

Anna takes a holistic approach to herbalism, using her Ayurvedic knowledge to see each individual as unique in their constitutional makeup. She emphasizes nutritional and lifestyle choices that complement using herbs preventatively and acutely while focusing on supporting the physical, emotional, and spirit bodies.

  • Herbal Consultations

  • Ayurvedic Doshic and Lifestyle Education

  • Permaculture Design and Regenerative Farming

  • Herb Gardening

  • Workshops

  • Plant Walks

  • Conferences, Festivals, and Events

  • Tea Tents




• Bachelors of Arts ~ Clark University, Worcester MA, International Development and Social Change

• Peace Corps Youth and Families Volunteer in Ecuador

• Ayurvedic Health Educator ~ California College of Ayurveda

• 2 years of Herbal study at Farmacy Herbs, Providence RI

• 1 year Clinical Herbal Residency at Sage Healing Collaborative, East Providence RI

• 3 year herbal apprenticeship with Mary Blue of Farmacy Herbs

• 10 day Herbal First Aid Clinical with 7song and Sarah Wu, Costa Rica

• 65-Hour Whole System Design Approach Herbal Intensive with Sarah Wu, Costa Rica

• 72-Hour Permaculture Design Course with Sarah Wu, Punta Mona Costa Rica

• In process Doula Certification through DONA